Elit Auction, which has been dealing with numismatics for about 20 years, started as collectors and followed the subject with passion and has a young, energetic and dynamic staff, is a strong team that has set out to deliver the most affordable products with the most accurate information to you, valuable collectors.

Our country is among the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the number of people interested in numismatics, buyers, sellers, collectors, beginners or working in tasks such as grading/evaluation. This number is increasing with the use of new and up-to-date technological infrastructures and the ability to conduct such online auctions. and it allows people in rural areas or those who do not have access to such products to be included in the system.

Our aim is to deliver sustainable, dynamic, customer satisfaction-oriented products with the most affordable prices and the most accurate information to collectors and buyers, to contribute to the growth and appreciation of the numismatic community, and to do our best to encourage the new generation and include them in their areas of interest.